Medical Loan Closet
The Medical Loan Closet was established to provide medical equipment to members of the community gratis. The chairman Yvonne Shonberger is on call to assist with this service. 305-887-2973

A Nursing Scholarship fund is named fo Lena Pearl Wheeler, widow of Glenn Curtiss, who gave the land for a Clubhouse to the GFWC Miami Springs Woman’s Club. She gave the land in honor of her mother, Jennie Neff and her husband’s mother, Lua Curtiss. After the death of Glen Curtiss, she married H. Sayre Wheeler and is best remembered today as Lena Pearl Wheeler. A Fine Arts Scholarship is also awarded to local high school students when funds are available. By way of supporting the GFWC HOBY Project, a donation is given for a Miami Springs High School sophomore to attend the annual leadership seminar in Orlando, FL. Chairman Eileen McDonough organizes all the fundraising for these scholarships

MSWC was the first library in Miami Springs. When the Miami Springs Public Library was established and moved to its permanent location, an ongoing in house Memorial Library was begun as a tribute to the memory of a deceased member.  The library is kept up to date by our librarian, Marion Zamotin.

Back Pack Program
The Back Pack Program provides weekend mini meals for students who might go hungry,  Originally stared by Miami Christ Fellowship Church, it was soon realized how necessary the program was for Miami-Dade County. Under the umbrella of Caring for Miami, Miami Springs school counselors identify students that can benefit from the program.  The Club sponsors an average 35 students at a cost of $150 per school year.  Elizabeth Fisher and Lynda Randolph obtain individual sponsors, organize Rummage Sales and other fund raisers specifically for this projects goals. Please help a local child by sponsoring them for a full school year.  Click here to be a sponsor.

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